• Client participation is encouraged during training and upon pick-up of your dog. All results are dependent on your dog’s desire to work and willingness to learn. Proper handling and continuation of training at home are important to keep consistent results with what your dog has learned at Lone Star Retrievers. 

  • Health and safety of the dogs are our #1 priority at LSR. We must receive a copy of your dog's vaccine records from a licensed veterinarian. All dogs MUST be current on distemper-parvo, rabies, and bordetella vaccines before arriving at the kennels. Though not required, we also recommend your dog having the canine rattlesnake vaccine. Luckily, snakes have not been an issue; however, this is Texas, and you never know! Please feel free to call with any questions. If during your dog's stay, they become due for vaccinations, we will be more than happy to take them to our local veterinarian for a $35 transportation fee.

  • We train on multiple properties, so please contact us to schedule an appointment before making any trips out to the kennels. Our business hours are Monday - Friday 8:00 - 5:00 

  • ​​When dropping off your dog, you will need to bring enough heart-worm medication and flea & tick prevention for the entirety of your dog’s stay. We have no issues with fleas or ticks, and we aim to take all precautions necessary to prevent them. We can supply these medications at an additional charge.


Our Advanced Gun Dog Program is for the hunter who needs a dog not only to pick up multiple marks, but also blind retrieves. 

Dogs in our advanced program will be able to memorize and efficiently retrieve multiple marks on land and in water and run blind retrieves on land and in water. Blind retrieves are when a whistle and hand signals are used to direct your dog to a fallen bird they did not see fall. This is extremely helpful when hunting waterfowl on open water or bays.

In addition, dogs that complete this program will also be accustomed to honoring other dogs, and "diversion shots". As your dog is in the middle of a retrieve, they will not get distracted by gun shots as you continue your hunt. They will instead, continue their retrieve without switching to different fallen birds.

Our Advanced Gun Dog Program takes an additional 4-6 months after completing the Basic Gun Dog Program. The cost is $700 per month and includes Purina Pro Plan dog food and birds.

*Training times are approximate and can vary for each dog.


Our Obedience Program is designed for most medium and large breeds. Dogs will be taught that, “Sit”, means to sit until told to move. “Place” is teaching the dog to lie in a place, such as its bed, and stay there. This is great for indoor dogs, especially while you’re eating! Other commands taught include: “Here; Heel; Down; and Kennel.”

When a dog completes this program, it will know that they must be invited through doorways. They will no longer dart in front of you, but rather, sit and wait until directed to enter or exit household doors and their kennels.

Dogs that complete this program will be obedient on and off leash.

Our Obedience Program is typically 2 months long and cost $800 per month. This includes Purina Pro Plan dog food.   

*Training times are approximate and can vary for each dog.  


Ask about our Retriever Hunt Test Program. We run our dogs as well as client dogs in all levels of AKC and UKC Retriever Hunt Test. 


Because a puppy's mind is like a sponge, this is the best time to build a foundation of good habits for your lifelong companion. Puppy Head Start Program covers the basics of retrieving and introduction to birds. In addition, your pup will learn basic obedience commands, crate training, name recognition, intro to gun fire, and intro to water (weather permitting). 

Puppy Head Start Program is also perfect for those who are not familiar with proper puppy socialization or simply don't have the means or time. It is important that your young pup be exposed to as many different scenarios as possible. From riding in the truck, to playing in the yard, to observing older dogs in the field, our goal is to create a well-balanced retriever. Puppies who complete this program have a much better advantage when entering our Gun Dog Program.

Puppy Head Start Program is designed for puppies 4-6 months old who will remain with us for Gun Dog Training, and cost $500 per month. Purina Pro Plan puppy food and birds are included.​​


Leaving town and don't want your dog stuck at a typical boarding facility? Bring them out to the ranch where they will get sessions of play time each day they are here. They will enjoy running the pasture and swimming in the pond much more than being stuck inside all day. Our Kennels are cleaned several times a day and provide each dog with fresh water and plenty of shade.

The cost of boarding is $25 per night. Please call in advance to schedule your dogs stay with us.


Our Basic Gun Dog Program is our most popular program for dog as young as 6 months of age. We highly recommend, but is not required, that your pup complete the Puppy Head Start Program before starting the Basic Gun Dog Program. 

The first two months of the Gun Dog Program follows the Obedience Training Program with the addition of the "fetch", “hold”, and “drop” commands. To “hold” until told to “drop” is an important step as it prevents the dog from playing with or eating your birds. 

Next, the program takes everything your dog has learned previously and applies it into the field. We will start out teaching simple land and water marks, and also how to hunt "dead" in cover. Your dog will begin to grasp an understanding of how to be a great retriever and team player. 

As soon as your dog is ready, it will be exposed to several different hunting scenarios.​ We will work on land, in water, and through marsh; retrieve from boats, duck blinds, and layout blinds. We will work hard to have your retriever ready for you to enjoy all your field adventures together, including shooting several live birds each month for them!

Once this program is completed your dog will remain steady until sent to retrieve, deliver the birds back to the heel position, and hold until told to "drop". They will also be introduced to doubles and long singles.

Our Basic Gun Dog Program takes an average of 4-6 months depending on your specific needs, the dogs desire, and attitude. The cost is $700 per month and includes Purina Pro Plan dog food and birds. 

*Training times are approximate and can vary for each dog.