The Lone Star Retriever Family

Retrievers have always been a part of Tom's family even before he was born. Growing up with these dogs around the house, bird hunting on the weekends was a common thing. 

In 2006 Tom purchased his first lab, Roxy. While studying Wildlife Management & Business at Texas A&M University in Kingsville, he volunteered at his first Retriever Field Trial. By the end of that day, Tom knew in his heart he would one day do more than just hunt with his dogs; he would train them as a career. Tom purchased several books and videos and began studying many of the best pro retriever programs. 

From 2006 through 2011, Tom guided dove, duck, and quail hunts on several different hunting leases on King Ranch. While employed at King Ranch, he was responsible for the care of 40-50 pointers, as well as training of the retrievers. During his off-weekends, he would travel with his roommate to Retriever Hunt Tests throughout Texas to run their dogs. Eventually, this led to training dove and duck dogs for friends and others around the Kingsville area in order to earn extra money for college.

In 2010, Tom met his wife, Samantha, who also was attending Texas A&M University-Kingsville. Growing up on a small farm with cattle, horses, dogs, and cats, Samantha developed a special bond and love for animals. It was her aspiration to gain admittance into Texas A&M Veterinary School in College Station.

After graduating, Tom went to work in the booming oil & gas industry which only left him time to train his personal dogs. Throughout these years, Tom and Samantha kept planning and saving and dreaming of their future with animals.

Due to the slowing of the oil & gas industry, Tom and Samantha decided that 2016 was the perfect time to pursue Tom’s dream of training retrievers full time. Samantha graduated from Veterinary School at Texas A&M University in College Station and is an Associate Veterinarian at Live Oak County Veterinary Services in George West. She is a major help with puppy socialization, administering medication, and giving regular checkups to all the dogs in the kennel.