• Client participation is encouraged during training and upon pick-up of your dog. All results are dependent on your dog’s desire to work and willingness to learn. Proper handling and continuation of training at home are important to keep consistent results with what your dog has learned at Lone Star Retrievers. 

  • Health and safety of the dogs are our #1 priority at LSR. We must receive a copy of your dog's vaccine records from a licensed veterinarian. All dogs MUST be current on distemper-parvo, rabies, and bordetella vaccines before arriving at the kennels. Though not required, we also recommend your dog having the canine rattlesnake vaccine. Luckily, snakes have not been an issue; however, this is Texas, and you never know! Please feel free to call with any questions. If during your dog's stay, they become due for vaccinations, we will be more than happy to take them to our local veterinarian for a $35 transportation fee.

  • We train on multiple properties, so please contact us to schedule an appointment before making any trips out to the kennels. Our business hours are Monday - Friday 8:00 - 5:00 

  • ​​When dropping off your dog, you will need to bring enough heart-worm medication, and flea & tick prevention for the entirety of your dog’s stay. We have no issues with fleas or ticks, and we take all precautions necessary to prevent them. If we do not have prevention on hand when we administer on the 1st of each month, we will provide them at your expense.


  • We feed and recommend Purina Pro Plan. If your dog requires special feed, please provide a veterinarian's letter.


Need advice on what to do when you first bring a puppy into your home? Click the link below to download our Puppy Guide and pre training checklist.