Our Advanced Gun Dog Program is for the hunter who needs a dog not only to pick up multiple marks, but also blind retrieves. 

Dogs in our advanced program will be able to memorize and efficiently retrieve multiple marks on land and in water and run blind retrieves on land and in water. Blind retrieves are when a whistle and hand signals are used to direct your dog to a fallen bird they did not see fall. This is extremely helpful when hunting waterfowl on open water or bays.

In addition, dogs that complete this program will also be accustomed to honoring other dogs, and "diversion shots". As your dog is in the middle of a retrieve, they will not get distracted by gun shots as you continue your hunt. They will instead, continue their retrieve without switching to different fallen birds.

After completion of this program your dog will be qualified to run AKC Senior and UKC Seasoned Hunt Tests. Additional months would be needed prior to running AKC Master and UKC finished. 

This program includes Purina Pro Plan dog food and birds.

*Training times are approximate and can vary for each dog.

Advanced Gun Dog Program

$950 / Month

6-10 month program after completion of Basic Gun Dog Program