Our Basic Gun Dog Program is our most popular program for dog as young as 6 months of age. We highly recommend, but is not required, that your pup complete the Puppy Head Start Program before starting the Basic Gun Dog Program. 

The first two months of the Gun Dog Program follows the Obedience Training Program with the addition of the "fetch", “hold”, and “drop” commands. To “hold” until told to “drop” is an important step as it prevents the dog from playing with or eating your birds. 

Next, the program takes everything your dog has learned previously and applies it into the field. We will start out teaching simple land and water marks, and also how to hunt "dead" in cover. Your dog will begin to grasp an understanding of how to be a great retriever and team player. 

As soon as your dog is ready, it will be exposed to several different hunting scenarios.​ We will work on land, in water, and through marsh; retrieve from boats, duck blinds, and layout blinds. We will work hard to have your retriever ready for you to enjoy all your field adventures together, including shooting several live birds each month for them!

Your dog will remain steady until sent to retrieve, deliver the birds back to the heel position, and hold until told to "drop". They will also be introduced to doubles and long singles.

Upon completion of this program your dog will be qualified to run AKC Junior and UKC started Hunt tests. 

This program includes Eukanuba Performance dog food and birds. 

*Training times are approximate and can vary for each dog.

Basic Gun Dog Program

$800 / Month

4-6 month program for Dogs 6 months or older