Obedience only    

$1,250 per month 

2 month program for dogs 6 months or older

Our Obedience Program is designed for most medium and large breeds. Dogs will be taught that, “Sit”, means to sit until told to move. “Place” is teaching the dog to lie in a place, such as its bed, and stay there. This is great for indoor dogs, especially while you’re eating! Other commands taught include: “Here; Heel; Down; and Kennel.”

When a dog completes this program, it will know that they must be invited through doorways. They will no longer dart in front of you, but rather, sit and wait until directed to enter or exit household doors and their kennels.

Dogs that complete this program will be obedient on and off leash.

This program includes Purina Pro Plan dog food.   

*Training times are approximate and can vary for each dog.